Sunday, February 21, 2010

Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!

Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!

Are you going to plant some gum trees, insert a few koalas and kangaroos to change the landscape of Afghanistan?

Or do you like to change their culture or religion?

Remember, the hopeless South Korean missionaries went to the war ravaged country to spread the ‘good news’ beside many zealots with their zealotry!

Ten years of genocide and destruction to export democracy and free speech (by murdering democracy and free speech) are paramount failure.

Hyper powered super power America have been fighting Israel Centric Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, … . Do you think the Dutch or any body else for that matte have to fight for racist and fascist Israel and Christo-Fanatics?

“…. some guys were vandalizing mosques,” Humphrey says. “Spray-painting ’em with crosses.”

“Jesus killed Mohammed,” one of the men told him. The soldiers guffawed. JESUS KILLED MOHAMMED was about to cruise into the Iraqi night.

“…… ambassadors for Christ in uniform,” according to Officers’ Christian Fellowship; “government paid missionaries,” according to Campus Crusade’s Military Ministry”.

” which is not to help this country to win a war on terror".“It’s satanic,” called out a member of the audience.

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Dutch in crisis over Afghanistan role

February 21, 2010

THE Dutch government collapsed yesterday after members of the coalition government disagreed on a NATO request to extend the Netherlands' Afghanistan military mission.

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende announced that the PvdA [Labour Party], the second largest party in his three-party alliance, was quitting.

He made the announcement after the cabinet held more than 16 hours of talks in The Hague in a bid to settle the dispute between the PvdA and Mr Balkenende's Christian Democratic Appeal, the senior partner in the coalition.

In the latest in a string of political rows, deputy Prime Minister Wouter Bos invoked the ire of his cabinet colleagues by stating last week that his PvdA would not support extending the Dutch deployment in Afghanistan beyond 2010.

Political analysts said early elections appeared inevitable.

Mr Balkenende said his Christian Democratic Alliance would continue in office together with the small Christian Union, and would ''make available'' Labour's cabinet seats. He did not spell out his intentions.

The head of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, had asked the Netherlands this month to take on a new training role and remain in Afghanistan until August 2011, a year later than originally planned.

Mr Bos's comments prompted Mr Balkenende to reply that the matter was still under discussion, while the Christian Union chided Mr Bos for speaking out of turn.

The public fight resulted in a snap parliamentary debate on Thursday, during which Mr Bos was accused of using the issue for political gain as polls show his party lagging in the run-up to local government elections on March 3.

The deployment of Dutch troops in Afghanistan has been an unpopular move with voters from the outset.

''As the leader of the cabinet, I came to the conclusion that there is no common road for the CDA, PvdA and the Christian Union to take into the future,'' Mr Balkenende said. ''For days we have seen that unity has been affected by statements that clash with recent cabinet decisions.''

This was Mr Balkenende's fourth government in a row in eight years. All have collapsed before their mandate expired.

About 1950 Dutch troops are deployed in Afghanistan.

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