Friday, August 13, 2010

Stoned to Death! Is It Wonderful?

Stoned to Death! Is It Wonderful?

My inquiry concerning Names of Muslims Women Stoned to death resulted in zero!

I don’t know if the Muslims are responsible for The Stoning of St. Stephen. - Public Domain

Stoning as punishment was prescribed for 18 crimes in Judaism, but since 30 CE, the Sanhedrin effectively abolished capital punishment. Stoning continues to be used with and without legal proceedings in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and other countries, all of which justify the practice with Islam. International human rights groups like Amnesty International have spoken out against the practice.

The only story I found is Stoning of Du'a Khalil Aswad. She is not a Muslim!! In fact she belongs to Yazidi faith!!!

The other reporting of Sunkara Srinivas, 32, belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC), and 22-year-old Swapna Reddy, belonging to an upper caste, had eloped and married six months ago was in HYDERABAD, India and both of them were NOT Muslims.

The Stoning of St. Stephen. - Public Domain

Men stoned to death for adultery, murder in Iran is one case only. Adulterer Stoned to Death: Extreme Islamic Punishment in Somalia is another one.

Anyway, let’s find out how many people were stoned to death in which countries, when, why and what were their religions.

Let’s talk with facts. No emotion. No prejudice and bigotry.

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